OWL-Space Course Request Form

OWL-Space Course Request Form

OWL-Space offers class management and communication utilities for instructors who want to put more things online. An OWL-Space "course" is essentially a private website on https://owlspace-ccm.rice.edu where you can put up course content or just make use of the built-in tools. OWL-Space is powered by Sakai.

Please note: This request form is for instructors to request OWL-Space course sites.

You choose exactly which tools you want to appear in your course. You can have a syllabus, a Schedule, a collection of lecture notes or other content, a mail area, a set of discussion forums, a chat room area, a quiz tool, a place to give and also accept written assignments, and a place to let students check their grades in the course. Just use the form below to select what you need.

When your course is ready, you'll be notified by email. You'll be able to request an appointment with an OWL-Space specialist who can help you learn the system.

If you have any questions about OWL-Space or about this form, please email academictech@rice.edu